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Microsoft Technology Vision of the Future

What a neat little video to check out what is going on in Microsoft's big brains for the next 8+ years.  We have to guess that these innovations are already in the works, right?  

Some other cool Future Technology things to check out:

A top Futurist who is doing, and has done some very exciting things, Ray Kurzweil, might be worth a check out.

As we look to the future do not forget the past, are you familiar with Moore's Law?  For you and I the non-scientists, it equates to a double of computing speeds every two years while prices remain a constant.  For Moore's law this means today is measured as x1, then in ten years technology will be 32x.

Is your business ready?

Louisville communications provider

For business how does all of this help?  Digest all of these future tidbits, then, look at your business & industry.  How can you innovate beyond where you are today?  Is it possible for your ENTIRE staff to be working from home and or the field and still be effective?  What if the decisions you made today started working you toward a more reliable computer network and technology infrastructure?   What if you were 5, 10, 15 years ahead of your competitors?  

P.S.  We can't promise we can predict the future of your industry, but we might be able to offer a 2nd opinion on your business's technology.  Give us a shout, fill out our Free Consultation form and maybe your technology decisions can start being based upon a future plan, not just avoiding tomorrow's headaches.


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Oh cool video, thanks for sharing!
Posted @ Wednesday, March 07, 2012 11:41 AM by Roger C.
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