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Office 365, It makes I.T. Support Easier and Increases Productivity?


Microsoft Office 365What do you want to accomplish with your business? Increase productivity? Reduce Costs? That is exactly what we seek for our Louisville, KY area clients. Maybe before diving into the pros and cons, the question needs to be asked, What is Office 365?

Office 365 is a software as a service solution that provides many of the software and applications you need to run your business via the Internet Cloud. Here is how Microsoft answers the question.

Now that is out of the way how can Office 365 help your business? Don’t take our word for it check out these examples.

Boost Productivity
Here is an example of a construction company that was able to utilize Office 365 to increase efficiency in their organization. One key was Simplified I.T. Management.

Reduce Costs
A realty company found they could save over $30,000 with an Office 365 solution. Maybe you can reduce I.T. costs too?

Simplify I.T. & Boost Collaboration
Check out how this retailer boosted interaction with field team members and the brand corporate was trying to improve. Imagine better collaboration for all of your team members, no matter where they are.

The fact is Microsoft is a leader in the cloud. Unlike many others Microsoft will be here long after the venture companies and hottest cloud start ups have moved on. Stability for your business, that is what we suggest.

Is Office 365 a perfect match for every business? Absolutely not. Does it require some type of hybrid implementation and not being 100% in the cloud? Quite possibly. Can Absolute Networking help you decipher through this madness to create a plan that suites your business I.T. needs for now and the future? The benefits of going to the cloud continue to grow, and now is the time to move past your competition, to the future.

Technology for Business, it’s what we do.

Absolute Networking is a Technology Company serving the Louisville, KY area for business. We provide I.T ConsultingBusiness Telephone SystemsData Cabling, & Cloud based solutions including our hybrid data backup solution. Give us a call 502.267.2552 or fill out our contact us form to get in touch with us.

Outsourcing I.T. Managed Services


Louisville IT companyAll businesses, large or small have three basic IT service needs:

  • Helpdesk – A first responder who quickly solves simple problems like “I can’t print” or “Can you setup a new computer for me?”
  • System Engineer – A diverse technical skill set with 5+ years of experience. Provides support for servers, securing your network from hackers, and deploying enterprise wide database applications.
  • CIO – A technology visionary for your company. Someone who understands where the business is headed and how technology can help you enhance operational efficiencies.

According to the average base salary for a systems administrator is over $75,000 per year. Considering that one person may only have a subset of knowledge for your overall IT needs, you would still need to contract with additional vendors to fill in the gaps. In addition, you now have one more employee to manage and provide benefits and raises for. Finally, what happens when that person is out sick? Now you need to have a backup plan for another key employee.

Absolute Networking can be your outsourced IT department with a hybrid managed IT services plan of attack that solves all of those problems for you. For normally much less, as hiring that one employee, we provide a complete, turnkey, and redundant IT department including all of those skill sets and manage the process for you with complete transparency at a consistent affordable price.

Here are just a few of the benefits to using an outsourced it department:

  • Redundancy – for a fraction of the cost of one full time employee, you have access to a team of resources.
  • Better management – We manage IT professionals every day. We can do a better job of managing their effectiveness and provide them opportunities for professional growth.
  • Industry Standards – On a daily basis we are studying our industry trends and standards and apply those best practices to our clients. We also see what works and what doesn’t work, first hand. Our clients benefit from our collective experience.
  • Investment in training and education – we provide continuing education incentives for our employees to make them better prepared for tomorrows’ challenges.

Absolute Networking has been providing quality IT Support and Services since 1996 to our community. We have numerous clients that have been relying on us for our services for 10, even 15 years. Imagine having the confidence to stay with an I.T. Consulting company for over a decade. You can get the that level of comfort knowing you are maximixing your investments with Absolute Networking.

P.S. Absolute Networking is a Technology Company serving the Louisville, KY area for business. We provide I.T. Consulting, Business Telephone Systems, Data Cabling, & Cloud based solutions including our hybrid data backup solution. Give us a call 502.267.2552 or fill out our contact us form to get in touch with us.

Technology for Business, it’s what we do.

Data Backup to the Cloud, for my Business?

Cloud backup for businessWell, we better start with the basics to ensure everyone here understands what we are talking about when it comes to business I.T. management and data backup.
  • What is the Cloud? (We’re not talking a rain cloud but “Cloud Computing”)
    Quickie: Data Stored Out in the Internet somewhere.
  • What is Data Backup?
    Quickie: All the data for your business stored in a separate location from where it is used & accessed each day.
  • What is Disaster Recovery (DR) vs Business Continuity (BC)?
    Quickie: DR is recovering AFTER a disaster. BC is keeping business going during a disaster.

So now you know what all those terms mean, right? We can overview your data backup considerations. Going to the cloud can be as simple as paying for a personal service like iCloud or Backupify to backup your personal accounts. But what about business? The three biggest things to consider when backing up your business data to the cloud are:

  1. I.T. Security: How secure is my data?
    Is the solution from a national company (not just my local I.T. Consultant) with security and performance guarantees? A local I.T. company can assist you in finding the correct solution but does the actual storage of data reside in data centers managed by a proven Data Backup company?
  2. I.T. Support: How easy is it to access and retrieve my data?
    Does it combine an on-site AND cloud based solution which gives ease of access locally? If the data is in the cloud ONLY the cost might be less but retrieval can be VERY time consuming. Imagine how long it would take to stroll through and download a GIG of data. Don’t limit your business.
  3. What Else? Reliability & More
    Is my data being backed up and can I restore it easily? Good confirmation testing should be done each month on ANY data backup, cloud or not. Other considerations include mailbox & Microsoft Exchange restoration specifics, data base like SQL specifics, Business Continuity (imagine utilizing an inexpensive appliance as a backup server if your current server went down – solutions like this can run $50,000 but with today’s technology can be done for a small fee each month), and of course disaster recovery. What if a tornado sweeps through our community again, (it will happen) and your systems are destroyed? How long will it take to get back up and running? The cloud will always be there good or bad, the cloud will always be there, out there somewhere.

Why should you entertain a cloud backup for your business?
A conventional media based data backup solution require costs that usually exceed the investment of a proper cloud data backup. A cloud data backup solution require little, if any up front investment. Combined with reduced I.T. management, increased security (where are all your media right now?), Increased Disaster Recovery (Data is located away from here), and other benefits, now may be the time to look at a Cloud based Data Backup I.T. solution for your business.

Here are some tips on Business Continuity, and why many businesses avoid actually ever doing something, and what you will want to consider.

P.S. Surprise!!! Absolute Networking does provide I.T. solutions for any data backup or disaster recovery need you may have. Let us know if we can provide considerations for the benefit of your business.

Absolute Networking is a Technology Company serving the Louisville, KY area for business. We provide I.T Consulting, Business Telephone Systems, Data Cabling, & Cloud based solutions including our hybrid data back up solution. Give us a call at 502.267.2552 or fill out our contact us form.

Technology for Business, it’s what we do.


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