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Introducing MiVoice Video Unit from Mitel

networking systems louisville, ky

Collaboration is something that usually requires a meeting of the minds, a time consuming, face-to-face hashing out of ideas. That concept has come to an end with the innovative introduction of, UC 360 Collaboration Point, a multimedia product by Mitel that brings collaboration capabilities right to your personal meeting space. Collaboration has now become a natural part of a productive work day. Click here to watch a video and find out how you can enjoy the following Mitel MiVoice features as a routine part of your daily business experience:

  • Cloud Ready Dropbox and Google Docs
  • Audio Conferencing Built-In Four-Party Audio
  • Visual Collaboration Built-In Four-Party Video Bridge
  • Flexible Interoperability Mitel or Any Other Vendor PBX
  • In Room Presentation Remote Desktop Access

For more information on how this new product can benefit your business, contact us for a quote.

How Your Business Can Benefit From Office 365

networking solutions louisville, ky

"I've got to run back to the office and get that file."

"Let me call the office and get them to make a copy of that."

"When I get back to the office I'll check my calendar."

Those are all things are things you won't ever say again when your business takes the plunge to experience the benefits of Office 365. Hosted by Microsoft, Office 365 is a cloud-based subscription service that offers your small business many benefits that will help you run more efficiently.

By using Microsoft Office 365, all of the Microsoft programs that are active in your office now are available to you even when you're not in the office. Taking care of day-to-day operations no longer means sitting behind your desk in order to fully function. All the conveniences of Word, Outlook, PowerPoint, OneNote, Access, Excel and other Microsoft programs are now available almost anywhere, anytime. Here are some additional benefits Office 365 provides:

Mobile Access Through Office 365

Use your favorite applications on the go. With Office 365 you have access to your documents through SharePoint Online and other applications. You can also share those files among staff to keep everybody in the loop. Clients can also share information or exchange important documents with business partners through mobile app file sharing. Efficiency and productivity are perfectly merged in this aspect of Office 365.

Office 365 Provides Greater Flexibility

Meeting and greeting clients and prospecting new ones won't jeopardize your relationship with existing clients because you aren't sitting by the phone or the computer waiting to accommodate their needs. The instant messaging feature lets you stay in touch with your office and access your calendar with only one click, not lugging around a three-ring binder with randomly attached sticky notes. Answer emails on the go and respond to clients promptly so that you can manage your productivity all day long, not just at the office.

Premier Privacy With Office 365

Anti-malware and spam protection is built in to help keep your information safe from unauthorized users. Microsoft does not scan any of your information, so no worries about using any of your documents or emails for advertising purposes. No threat of viruses invading your email and damaging your files because everything is scanned before it reaches your inbox. No equipment failure or update worries either. Microsoft's premier data centers are reliable.

These are just a few of the benefits your business will receive from Office 365. The exact services you have access to will depend on which plan you choose, but all of them offer a great sense of freedom to run your business in a more professional and efficient manner. For more information on how Microsoft Office can work for your business, contact us and we will be glad to consult you on the possibilities.

Managed Services: What is Worry Free IT?

computer networking louisville, ky

Imagine never having to deal with another computer crash, renewing a backup software license, or worrying about the security of your network files. That's called "uptime." It's a slowly dissolving concept for businesses that desperately want to manage their business, not their technology.

When ANS manages your IT services, those become worry free. We render prompt, responsive answers through our team of consulting engineers to all of your end-user IT challenges and get them back to work quickly. By utilizing ANS Managed Services, you can maintain your systems proactively, which saves you money in the long run by preventing expensive network disasters from happening in the first place.

Preventative maintenance and 24/7 network monitoring is also performed in order to detect any problems early on and keep them from escalating into more expensive repairs and downtime. To ensure your business network is safe, we also provide you with a coordinator who manages and audits your security, creates a personalized Backup Disaster and Recovery Plan, and assists you in purchasing the right hardware and software going forward. Utilizing our Managed Services is like having your own personal IT support department without the added costs.

Here are some additional areas in which ANS can help make your IT worry free:

  • Direct end user support
  • Best in business response times
  • Patch management
  • Data back-up management
  • Workstation optimization
  • Assist inventory services
  • Essential security services
  • Server management
  • Spam control management

For more information on how we can help your business become free of worry from IT issues, contact us for a free consultation.

A Benefit of Virtualization

business technology solutions louisville, ky

When you look at virtualizing your infrastructure, there are many benefits and savings that can result for the business. While hardware and energy expenses are the obvious savings, organizations sometimes overlook the reductions in operating costs. The amount of time spent managing multiple applications and servers not only takes time, it hinders you from important project work and development hours. The savings can be drastic, especially in organizations that are highly dispersed geographically.   

The ability to easily manage your applications, voice, and UC as one interface simplifies administration. It makes managing, monitoring, and the deploying of policy compliance easier as installations can be created from standard images. 

There are also IT benefits as it relates to the support of remote sites. Managing geographically dispersed servers and applications with remote staff can get really expensive. In addition, the lack of consistency across the enterprise in databases and administration will create problems. The common server infrastructure and application can reduce the remote site IT support staff requirements and provide a more consistent look across the network.

Backing up all of your applications, voice, and unified communications at your remote sites can play a critical role with load balancing and fail-over.  This can add tremendous benefits to your business continuity and disaster recovery plans. 

The benefits of virtualization go far beyond this discussion; however, they do address a few ways that virtualization impacts operating costs. All organizations are striving to do more with less. Virtualization is a great way to improve and move towards lowering costs and increasing profits. 

To learn more about how virtualization can save your business money, contact ANS. We'll be glad to help your business become more productive.

Mitel Unified Messaging

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Clients expect you to communicate with them in an extraordinary way. Being responsive to client messages and inquiries makes you and your company more agile and easy to work with. Mitel Unified Communications and Collaboration (UCC) includes Mitel Unified Messaging, an integrated messaging solution that provides simplified message management that keeps messages organized and ready for a response no matter where you are.

Unified Messaging allows you to be more productive and flexible. Receiving all of your voice mail, fax, email, and instant messaging into one central management interface, simplifies communication. Most employees spend most of their day working in their email client, so this is the optimal place to receive and respond to voice, fax, and chat inquiries. 

By eliminating the delay of communication and becoming more productive, you'll see a cost savings that moves dollars directly to net profit. Take advantage of the tools that are available and check out Mitel Unified Communications and Collaboration (UCC). It will take your organization from ordinary to extraordinary.

NEC Recognized as Lowest Cost of Ownership

absolute networking communication solutions

If your business is looking for ways to contain IT and communication costs now and in the future, NEC Corporation of America (NEC) is worth taking a look at. Earlier this month, the Nemertes Research report compared the total cost of ownership among the best vendors in the marketplace and NEC came out on top as the company with the lowest total cost of ownership (TCO) of vendors serving the IP Telephony market.

NEC is a leading provider and integrator of advanced IT, unified communications (UC), managed services, and biometric solutions. They were recently recognized as the provider of the lowest first-year costs when considering capital, implementation, and operational costs. The report also added that NEC had the lowest annual maintenance costs.

The Nemertes analysis emphasizes the importance of fully examining and understanding the many factors that impact the true cost of IP Telephony (IPT) and UC investments. Because of the diverse needs of each company, costs will vary widely among vendors, so it is crucial for each business to make decisions on actual data exclusive to that organization.

Nemertes Executive Vice President and founder Robin Gareiss urged businesses not to make a decision based solely on cost and technical evaluations. He stated, "Implementation and operational costs cannot be ignored in the decision process." 

Along with its broad range of voice over IP and unified communication solutions supporting enterprises and SMB customers, NEC also prides itself not only in its product, but also in quality customer care and support.

"NEC has deep experience helping organizations manage costs and plan effectively for future growth," said Larry Levenberg, NEC vice president of sales and marketing. "We are pleased to see that our quality solutions and support for our customers is recognized in this report."

If you want to know more about how you can implement NEC services at your business, or just need assistance selecting a communication solution for your business, contact ANS and we can assist you with everything from premise-based solutions to private cloud communication solutions.

Employee Spotlight: Steven Cox


Employee spotlight Steven CoxFor today's employee spotlight series, we're introducing you to Steven Cox, IT Manager at ANS. 

Where did you go to college? What was your major?

Western Kentucky University – Mass Communications

What is your previous experience / job history?

Up until 1995 I was focused on marketing of technical products to Engineers, Architects and Contractors. That focused changed and became one of support of software, hardware and network infrastructure.

I worked for 11 years as the IT Manager for a civil engineering company, who I am pleased to say is an Absolute Networking Customer.

What attracted you to ANS?

I was very impressed with Dale Priddy and his commitment to excellence and his overall integrity.

List your job duties. 

I act as the IT Manager for the clients I work with. This means that I not only fix things, I also look ahead and try to partner with our clients so that they have a technology solution that helps insure they can meet their business goals.


What you do on a typical day that helps to keep ANS running smoothly?

I try to insure that I stay in touch with the engineering team as well as the other personnel. The collaborative model that ANS has insures our success.

How to you help ANS customers?

By being a partner with them in ensuring that technology assists them in reaching their business goals

What is unique about ANS? What should people know about the company?

What has impressed me most about ANS in the time I’ve been here is the quality of all the employees. I feel fortunate to be able to work with such a high caliber team.

What are some of your hobbies and favorite activities outside of the office?

I work with my Church Youth Group, have a wonderful lady friend with whom I spend a lot of time. I have two kids and one grandson. 

The Right Kind of Cloud for Your Business

absolute networking in louisville, ky

Just as there are various types of clouds in the atmosphere, there are also differing types of clouds in the networking universe. In the networking realm of clouds, the term refers to various computing related services delivered to computers over a network or the internet. 

The software and systems that are used are not on your computer, they are hosted on a server that is usually outside of your business. With mobility, computerization, and data all playing key roles in how a business will structure their IT business plan, it's important to understand the three major cloud models and how they work.

Public. This type of service uses the general internet service to offer cloud solutions that can range from free to pay-per-use and can be used by anyone. Public clouds are usually inexpensive and provide users with an easy way to access online storage and software. The down side to this type of cloud storage is that you don't have full control over the system's security. 

Private. A private network is used with this type of service which limits access to only those who are able to connect to it. A service provider or an organization itself will usually host the private cloud. The same functionality is offered as that of the public cloud, but these clouds give users full control over own security, data and compliance. This type of system is ideal if your business is one that requires secure storing of data or meeting strict regulatory requirements, such as healthcare, legal or financial industries. 

Hybrid. A hybrid cloud system combines elements of both the private and public cloud systems and combines them together. These solutions usually partner a vendor with a private cloud platform which is specialized and works with a public cloud provider to create one usable cloud. For example, a vendor who offers virtualized storage solutions that are hosted at the company, such as customer records, while the archives of these same records may be actually stored on a public cloud. 

The beauty of using any of these cloud computing options is the ability to create diverse and flexible environments which can be directly tailored to what a business intends to accomplish. Many organizations are beginning to clearly see the benefits of cloud computing as they are now able to expand their environment without having to expend a massive budget on server and data center costs. 

Before cloud computing, expansion for companies meant having to buy new space, new hardware and disperse workload based on a set infrastructure. Cloud creation has helped many organizations expand beyond their current physical datacenter. Cloud based technology has allowed IT departments to truly consolidate and grow more quickly and affordably. 

When choosing which type of cloud is best for your company, the answer really depends on what your business needs are. If you work in a highly regulated industry, private or hybrid cloud is your best choice. If you need to store basic files or simple software, then a public cloud is likely the better choice. If you are uncertain which computing system will work best for your business, let ANS assess your needs and make a suggestion. As your networking specialist, we will assist you in picking a solution that works for your business and your budget. Contact us for a free networking evaluation and quote.

Has Office Efficiency Gone Out the Window? Your Business Might Need Microsoft Office 365

office 365 louisvilleHave you recently found yourself wondering where your employers are, taking messages for workers who may or may not be in the building?

Is there a constant struggle to gather a handful of employees together for a meeting due to out-of-the-office commitments and conflicting schedules?

What about that important document you have been working on for days, countless revisions and collaborations back and forth with a co-worker. As you near the end of the project, you open what seems like the 90th email update on the project, only to find it's not the latest version. Where did it go? Panic sets in.

If any number of these scenarios sounds familiar, your business could use a solution provider. That's what Microsoft is. With Microsoft's latest software solution, relief on the office front can be achieved with the integration of Office 365 into your business strategies.

In just six months since its release, Microsoft Office 365 has already amassed over 2 million consumers who now subscribe to Office 365 Home Premium. Labeled the number one business productivity solution, this program is designed to meet the most rigorous requirements for security, privacy, reliability, and manageability in an explosion of possibility.

If you want to stop trying to track down employees on the go, schedule a video conferencing meeting within days of the suggestion, and actually edit the document you just finished and not the version you submitted two months ago, then your business needs Microsoft Office 365.

Click here to download our latest offer, 10 Reasons You Need Office 365, and discover several other reasons this program could help your business become more efficient and productive.

NEC Financial Services Deferred Payment Lease Promotion


With NEC's financial services deferred payment lease promotion, you can get the technology you want now, with no payments until 2014. 

Make no payments for 90 days after the start of the lease.

  • Choose a 3 or 5 year lease with $1 or Fair Market Value Purchase Options.
  • Credit applications must be received by December 31, 2013.
  • Minimum equipment cost for this promotion is $5,000.
Contact ANS today to take advantage of this special lease promotion. 
NEC Lease Promotion
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